Rural Occupations

Rural occupations in the United States continue to prosper even in the down economy of the last five years.  Jobs such as construction, infrastructure, and agriculture have been given stimulus help to try to boost the economy in rural areas.  The number one rural occupation is agriculture, which holds a huge weight on the American economy. In the article below it states that ” only 2 percent of people in America live in farms” and that total is around 4.6 million.  Rural occupations tend to be more blue-collar and manual labor style jobs than urban occupations because of the lack of corporate type jobs in rural areas.

Infrastructure jobs tend to be held in rural areas more than urban areas because of the large space needed to work on  these type of jobs.  Jobs such as refineries, road work, and railroads are more likely to be found in rural areas because of the large size of  machines and buildings it takes for production.  While rural occupations only make up a small percentage of the American workforce, their efforts have a major impact on many different economic markets.  These jobs have large scale implications on many different levels of the economy.  With the government trying to help create jobs in these rural fields, it just shows how important these rural type of jobs are in America today.


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